Bareboat & Captained Charters

Bareboat & Captained Charters In Kemah Texas

10 Sailboats Available For Charter

Chartering your own boat is the perfect way to experience a peaceful and luxurious day at sea. Enjoy all of the scenery the ocean has to offer in a serene setting surrounded only by you and your guests.

This option is available even to those with no sailing experience. You can still enjoy your ocean venture by going out with one of our experienced captains. Every charter boat captain we partner with is certified by the coast guard and fully licensed. A seasoned captain is available to keep you and your guests safe for only $30 per hour.

If you already have sailing experience, you may choose to take a bareboat charter and captain it yourself. All we ask is that you bring a logbook or other record of your sailing experience if you’ve never chartered through Windward SeaVenture before. A quick test sail may be required, but once you pass, we will keep your information on file for all future sailing charters.

We have 14 sailboats available for clients prepared to experience a day at sea, and please follow this short list of rules:

  • All charterers will be required to sign a charter contract prior to departure from the dock
  • Feel free to bring any food or drinks you wish to have with you on the boat.  We do ask that you avoid bringing glass bottles.
  • Please bring your food & drinks in soft bottom coolers or bring plenty of extra towels to set your cooler on to prevent your cooler from scratching up the floor of the boat.
  • Wear non-black soled shoes to prevent leaving shoe marks
  • Arrive 15 minutes early to take care of your payment & paperwork

We have a wide selection of boats available for charter, and one of them is sure to be perfect for your needs! Shop our selection to see which of our offerings calls to you the most. We have you covered whether you’re looking for a small boat or one with room for ten or more guests. Most of our charters are for one of the following lengths:

  • an eight hour day
  • a four-hour stint with a captain
  • a weekend
  • an entire week

We even have one simple boat you can rent hourly! All prices vary depending on the boat’s size and features offered. If you have any questions about which option is right for you, call us at 281-467-2279.

Sailboat Chartering Near Houston Texas

We at Windward SeaVenture have been chartering boats and providing sailing lessons on Clear Lake for over 20 years. We know the waters around Kemah as well as anyone and have carefully cultivated our fleet to be geared for the conditions on Clear Lake. For your next bareboat charter, or to get a charter with a captain, contact us online. We’ll answer all your questions to make sure you’re completely ready to push off on your adventure. Check availability and reserve a boat for you and your crew today!

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