Charter Management

Reduce Boat Costs in Kemah Texas

Charter Management With Windward SeaVenture!

Windward SeaVenture’s Charter Management Program is an effective way to reduce boat costs for owners. In many instances, the charter income will cover monthly slip rental, insurance, and more. WSV will professionally manage your boat’s maintenance and keep her in Bristol condition ready for your use at any time. Unlike fractional boat ownership, or time share concepts, you may use your boat any time. There are no restrictions on your use.

Windward SeaVenture Charters, LLC. (WSV) will manage and market your boat for bareboat chartering. The vessel will be maintained in charter ready condition: clean, tanks full, etc. The income from each charter is divided 50% to the owner and 50% retained by WSV (After tax, fuel, cleaning, and insurance surcharge are deducted).

As the owner of the vessel, you are responsible for the cost of maintenance expenses, however, WSV provides the onsite management of repairs and enhancements to your yacht. WSV will perform routine inspections and repair management at no cost to you. Your yacht will be berthed in the very storm friendly Waterford Harbor Marina moored to a floating dock. Waterford is surrounded by beautiful homes on four sides with a single channel out to the bay and was the only marina during Hurricane Ike to suffer no major boat or dock damages. At the beginning of each month, we will send you a statement and check for the previous month’s activity. Visit WSV at Pier 3, Waterford Harbor, Kemah, TX 77565 and inspect our fleet and you will see how we care for our fleet. Your boat is always available for your usage. Simple, easy, LOW BOAT COST sailing.

We look forward to having you join our family of yacht owners in the Windward SeaVenture Charter Management Program.

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